[Marxism] Why Twitter sucks big-time (for debates, at least)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 20 15:16:05 MST 2014

On 1/20/14 5:07 PM, Eli Stephens wrote:
> But now that those very same scientists have continued to analyze the
> evidence and cast serious doubt that the weapons were fired by the Syrian
> government, suddenly the new study isn't part of "all the news that's fit to
> print."

I dealt with this report here:


The bottom line is that the MIT report is at variance with the Obama 
White House's findings but consistent with the analysis put forward by 
Elliot Higgins.

But in many ways, this is irrelevant. Any state that drops barrel bombs 
on a Palestinian slum like Yarmouk is no different than Israel vis-a-vis 
Gaza. That is the point being made by Palestinians like Omar Chaaban:

Rejecting collective punishment from Gaza to Syria
Omar Chaaban on January 20, 2014

No moral principle can possibly sustain the claim that in some cases it 
is acceptable to target civilians even if these civilians are opposed to 
the government’s point of view. In fact, especially when civilians stand 
in opposition to the government and its policies, this government must 
do whatever it takes to protect the right of these civilians to express 
dissent even if this means making those who are in power ‘uncomfortable.’

So if we, as Palestinians, wholly reject collective punishment exacted 
upon our brothers and sisters in Occupied Palestine, then why are some 
of us applying different moral standards to the crisis in Syria? Why is 
it that when Assad’s forces are shelling Hama and Aleppo there is a 
silence that pierces that heart and soul of every person of conscious? 
Why do some Palestinians go out of their way to find reasons to stay 
neutral when it has become more than evident that the brutal regime in 
Syria knows no limits to destruction, death and carnage? And why do some 
try to discredit this revolution by using the claim that there are 
certain elements that pander to the West and are ripe with corruption 
when at the same time our own leadership in Ramallah is in bed with 
Zionist politicians in Tel Aviv and Washington? Should we not clean our 
house before we tell others to clean theirs? Or do the Syrians not 
deserve the same moral standards that we apply to ourselves?

These are very important questions. The credibility of our claim to 
return and liberation depends on showing uncritical support for the 
return and liberation of other oppressed peoples as well. We must cast 
aside our attachment to neutrality and replace them with unequivocal 
rejection of anything that comes out of the Syrian regime. We must 
express in the clearest of terms our support for the millions of Syrians 
who continue to reside in more than abhorrent circumstances in 
under-equipped refugee camps where many have died from starvation or 
piercing cold. Palestinians, who for the past 65 years, have taught the 
entire world what it means to be persevere, strong, collected, and 
filled with life, must realize that it is time to stand at the frontline 
of the struggle against Assad’s regime and say that enough is enough.

full: http://mondoweiss.net/2014/01/rejecting-collective-punishment.html

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