[Marxism] Why Twitter sucks big-time (for debates, at least)

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 20 17:53:45 MST 2014

Louis: But in many ways, this is irrelevant. Any state that drops barrel
bombs on a Palestinian slum like Yarmouk is no different than Israel
vis-a-vis Gaza.

Irrelevant? Well, no doubt it was as much irrelevant as was the real
existence of WMD in Iraq; both were just an excuse being used by the ruling
class to try to justify war against another country. But in this case, we're
talking about overt bombing which hasn't yet happened, despite efforts in
both the UN and the British Parliament to sanction such an attack. These
sarin attacks were a KEY part of that justification, and what is clear from
the latest report is that the US was absolutely lying when it said it had
incontrovertible proof that the Syrian government was responsible, and was
most likely also incorrect about the source of the bombs. Proof that the US
was lying is therefore a key tool to be used in arousing the public to
continue to oppose such an attack. For those of us who are actually opposed
to it, of course.

As for your analogy, I do hope you will reconsider. Syria is fighting a
civil war with the means it has at hand, against an opposition armed both
directly and indirectly by imperialism. And no doubt it would love to own
sophisticated laser-guided or GPS munitions and other such "smart" bombs
like the US and Israel, but it doesn't; the fact that it has to resort to
improvised weaponry tells you something about the degree to which they are
being resupplied by their allies. Israel, meanwhile, is imprisoning,
oppressing, dispossessing, and killing a people whose land it is occupying -
the Palestinians. And, during such wars as the invasion of Lebanon (Cast
Lead was probably too short), was ACTIVELY resupplied by imperialism.

Eli Stephens
 Left I on the News

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