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Here is an old post of mine that I wrote on Nietzsche some years ago. (http://archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/marxism/2007w27/msg00166.html).

I think that any discussion of Nietzsche and politics has to take into account the fact that he has long been a popular figure on the left as well as the right. Even in his own lifetime, German Social Democrats were already striving to integrate his ideas into their brands of Marxism.  In Russia, following the failed 1905 revolution, certain Russian Marxists like Anatoli Lunacharsky began to take a great interest in him. Trotsky wrote a famous polemic against Nietzsche but one can't help feeling that the Old Man himself was influenced by Nietzsche.

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The essay on Bhaksar and Nietzsche by Gary McLennan is very interesting. I
personally have never read Bhaksar, since I haven't seen his works in
bookstores since my days in Pittsburgh, but Nietzsche himself is now
available in his (German) entirety at a new "munificent" website, Nietzsche
Source [http://www.nietzschesource.org/], and so there is perhaps no way
around the confrontation between "populist reason" and a couple of
varieties of postmodernism.

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