[Marxism] 2 New Posts: 1) Assad's death factory 2) Assad's jihadists

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 19:56:21 MST 2014

      Is Assad running largest death factories since Hitler?

> *Evidence of 'industrial-scale killing' by Syria spurs call for war
> crimes charges*
> Senior war crimes prosecutors say photographs and documents provide
> 'clear evidence' of systematic killing of 11,000 detainees
> Ian Black, Middle East editor
> Monday 20 January 2014 14.00 EST
> Syrian government officials could face war crimes charges in the light
> of a huge cache of evidence smuggled out of the country showing the
> "systematic killing" of about 11,000 detainees, according to three
> eminent international lawyers.
> The three, former prosecutors at the criminal tribunals for the former
> Yugoslavia and Sierra Leone, examined thousands of Syrian government
> photographs and files recording deaths in the custody of regime
> security forces from March 2011 to last August.


      Bashar al-Jihad: How Assad finances terrorists with oil

> Syria's Assad accused of boosting Al-Qaeda with secret oil deals
> /Western intelligence suggests Bashar al-Assad collaborating with
> jihadists to persuade West the uprising is terrorist-led
> /
> By Ruth Sherlock, in Istanbul and Richard Spencer
> 7:53PM GMT 20 Jan 2014
> The Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad has funded and
> co-operated with al-Qaeda in a complex double game even as the
> terrorists fight Damascus, according to new allegations by Western
> intelligence agencies, rebels and al-Qaeda defectors.
> Jabhat al-Nusra, and the even more extreme Islamic State of Iraq and
> al-Shams (ISIS), the two al-Qaeda affiliates operating in Syria, have
> both been financed by selling oil and gas from wells under their
> control to and through the regime, intelligence sources have told The
> Daily Telegraph.

>     /"Assad's vow to strike terrorism with an iron fist is nothing
>     more than bare-faced hypocrisy."/
>     /"It happened once that a Syrian regime officer and 11 others
>     defected and drove their vehicle through Masila. We received
>     ordered to arrest them and hand them over back to the regime,"/
>                                        --detained al-Qaeda member said.


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