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Mon Jan 20 21:24:15 MST 2014

All the evidence points to the Assad regime as the source of all the sarin
gas attacks.

Whose Seymour Hersh?

Why the return of chemical weapons is a big deal

Where Robert Fisk's defense of Assad falls down

More on ex-journalist Robert Fisk's defense of Assad

UN hints Assad used Russian rockets in sarin gas attack

Secret Intel Source of Ray McGovern & VIPS Revealed!

Why did Assad Regime first Deny CW Attack if Blameless?

Witness to CW Attack: When Paradise turned to

Dr. Zaher Sahloul on the CW Attacks in

Why would Assad use CW with UN Inspectors in

My dare to Ray McGovern & VIPS on Syria CW

*Who Used Sarin in Syria?
How Obama Helped Assad Kill with Poison Gas in Syria

*Assad Knows: Chemical Attacks Kill Children

1300+ Dead after Obama "Green-lights" new CW attack in

Syria: New Poison Gas Attacks Reported in #Douma & #Adra

*Syria Sarin Blame Game: Is Carla Del Ponte at it again?

Carla Del Ponte in the WikiLeaks Cablegate

*Other Echoes of Iraq in NATO response to WMD in Syria

And there is no proof the Obama ?Admin was either lying or wrong. You can
say they were lying when they said they had signals intel of SAA preparing
the attack, but saying it is not proving it, and if they have such intel,
they do know Assad was behind the attack

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On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 5:10 PM, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

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> On 1/20/14 7:53 PM, Eli Stephens wrote:
>> As for your analogy, I do hope you will reconsider. Syria is fighting a
>> civil war with the means it has at hand, against an opposition armed both
>> directly and indirectly by imperialism. And no doubt it would love to own
>> sophisticated laser-guided or GPS munitions and other such "smart" bombs
>> like the US and Israel, but it doesn't; the fact that it has to resort to
>> improvised weaponry tells you something about the degree to which they are
>> being resupplied by their allies.
> Eli, apparently you are not following events in Syria that closely. Barrel
> bombs are not being used against rebel fighters. They are being dropped on
> civilian targets in the same exact way that Israel bombed Gaza. The excuses
> made by the Baathists are identical to those made by the IDF. If a civilian
> population shelters "terrorists", they will have to pay the price.
> That is what is so depressing about the Baathist left. It uses the same
> talking points as Alan Dershowitz but in the name of some bogus
> "anti-imperialist" cause.
>  Israel, meanwhile, is imprisoning,
>> oppressing, dispossessing, and killing a people whose land it is
>> occupying -
>> the Palestinians. And, during such wars as the invasion of Lebanon (Cast
>> Lead was probably too short), was ACTIVELY resupplied by imperialism.
> And Syria is killing a people who were sick and tired of living in a
> dictatorship run by a family dynasty that was described as "socialist" on
> the Party of Socialism and Liberation website. 60 percent of the economy
> was owned by Bashar al-Assad's cousin in 2011 when the protests erupted in
> Syria. At that time Syria ranked beneath Egypt in UN HDI statistics. What a
> sad commentary on the mindset of a group that is less interested in the
> class struggle than it is in the geopolitical chess games.
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