[Marxism] Nietzsche on MLK

shaun may mnwps at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 21 02:44:21 MST 2014

That old chestnut, once again, of Nietzsche's work as a philosophical source of anti-semitism and fascism. I am disappointed to hear such hackneyed effluent and misrepresentation tediously rolled out on this list. (Yawn, yawn)   
Nietzcshe himself was virulently opposed to anti-semitism ("anti-semitic canaille") and nationalism in his lifetime. It was sister Elizabeth and others who doctored his writings which served the purposes of Fascism.
There is no direct road from FN to Fascism. Just as there is no direct road from Marx to Stalin. If the writings of great thinkers are sufficiently twisted, and dogmatically and doctrinally relocated out of the historical conditions of their creation, it is entirely possible to make a stinking and decaying pig's ear out of an embroidered philosophical silk purse.


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