[Marxism] neo-Stalinism hits on two fronts

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 07:19:36 MST 2014

I just posted what's below as a comment here:
Basically I draw a connection between neo-Stalinists defense of the regimes
in Syria and in Poland (and elsewhere in Eastern Europe).

I would add that aside from rebutting these reactionaries, there's a
proactive reason for us to think about the Eastern Europe/Arab region
comparison, i.e. a study of how revolutions can sweep a region and how the
dynamics evolve in terms of pace, militancy, program, and mutual support.

My mondo comment:

The manic defense of Assad in this thread is just amazing. I have no
illusions about how deep neo-Stalinism runs, but it's always shocking to
see the venom and hypocrisy. The allegations, for instance, that critics of
Assad are paid by the Saudis is particularly typical of middle-class
pseudoradicalism (i.e. neo-Stalinism) tactics when one wants to avoid the
crimes of one's favorite regime.

Just yesterday comrades in Australia published an article reminding us of
the heroic struggle of Solidarnosc in 1980-81, and, as I predicted, within
minutes a dozen neo-Stalinists had written comments in vile tones accusing
the author of being a tool of imperialism -- the same exact method being
followed here re: Syria.

PS: Annie, you should be more conscious that as a Mondoweiss editor, your
comments are taken, fairly or not, as reflective of the site, and dial back
on the accusatory lies and support for mass murderers.

PPS: For those wanting the truth of the grassroots Syrian revolutino, see

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