[Marxism] neo-Stalinism hits on two fronts

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jan 21 07:35:15 MST 2014

On 1/21/14 9:19 AM, Andrew Pollack wrote:
> PS: Annie, you should be more conscious that as a Mondoweiss editor, your
> comments are taken, fairly or not, as reflective of the site, and dial back
> on the accusatory lies and support for mass murderers.

She is in over her head. In one comment, she asks rhetorically to her 
fellow editors: "What's our position, Adam and Phil?"

They are struggling with this question, as their inclusion of views 
contrary to their own should indicate. What this reflects is not so much 
neo-Stalinism but liberal impressionism. A while back there was a thread 
here about dialectics and whether Marxism needs it. Their confusion is 
proof to me that a class on the ABC's of Marxism, like the one I took 
with Les Evans 37 years ago, would benefit the editors of Mondoweiss 
since it would help them to grasp *contradiction*. And there is nothing 
more contradictory than Syria.

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