[Marxism] My Facebook comments on Seymour's Guardian article!

Anthony Brain brainanthony816 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 21 15:40:01 MST 2014

Liberal Bourgeois elements think the Tories are mad giving Trotsky publicity when his politics is isolated. In a certain sense it is a sign of the conjuncture and period in the phrase of the och of the decay of Imperialism and extension of World Socialist revolution. Due to the degeneration of the ex-Trotskyists there are few Trotskyist cadres in the world. It is rotten ripe that the politics of the Trotskyist American SWP and their predecessors from 1928 to 1979 and Fourth Internationalist Tendency in America from 1983 to 1992; and Ernest Mandel from 1981 to his death in 1995 where he helped maintain Trotskyist continuity after Barnesites degenerated. It is rotten ripe objectify for this Trotskyist politics I mentioned in previous message to re-emerge stronger more than ever. This is why I am publishing my documents from 1992 and preparing new documents on my blog to how to apply that politics today. If Trotskyist cadres re-emerge the Imperialist
 Bourgeoisies would have to be more devious than their crude policies of attacking the masses. 

There is a thin thread which keeps Capitalism going. It would not take much to overthrow Capitalism in the Imperialist countries and Leninist-Trotskyist parties could finish the job quickly.  The Argentine Trotskyists prove what mass work can achieve. I do not know if they are fully Trotskyist because I do not know their international programme is. I consider Socialist Alternative in America to be Centrist but American Trotskyists would have a united front to do serous mass work in the Occupy Movement; critically support the 24 Independent Labour Party candidates elected to Ohio Council; and fight for American Unions establish a Labour Party. Trotskyists should be attentive if any tendencies emerge in Socialist Alternative towards Trotskyism.

The British SWP is Centrist but again British Trotskyists would have a united front in their turn to mass work over the Bedroom Tax and in defending unemployed workers against the witch-hunt over Benefits Street. 
Since 2011 there has been a Right Centrist turn of the SWP leadership over Libya and Syria. This alongside the middle class recruits have caused an major internal crisis as the different right wing minorities go towards Anarchism and dump any pretence of Leninism and Trotskyism which Richard Seymour saying he is no longer a Trotskyist in this Guardian article. Third Camp politics is in a major crisis. This can be shown by the decay of Capitalism within the Imperialist countries and the rapid growth of China as a workers' state and a more limited economic growth of the Russian workers' state. Right wing character of Third Camp politics is shown by the extreme right wing turn of the SP'; SWP; and AWL which is causing major internal crisis. Tom Walker who has gone over to Anarchism says in a passing sentence there has been a layer of the minorities who left the SWP who are moving towards Ortaodox Trotskyism. I would be interested if such a current exists
 and what their line on the class nature of the workers' states. 

Trotskyists reject the "Trotskyite" label as hostile and implying a cult. Trotskyism outside the Bolshevik Party has been the most democratic movement ever and until 1989 encompassed everything from the natural sciences to Philosophies to every society. If Trotskyism is going to be reconstructed as a movement spending months of democratic debate where Trotskyists fuse with other revolutionary tendencies. As part of this principled regroupment a balance sheet will have to be made why forces in the past degenerated and broke from Trotskyism.

Seymour is wrong Stalinism is over. It sill rules Russia; China; Vietnam; Laos; and North Korea. The Stalinist Bureaucratic Castes have still great influence within Eastern Europe and Cambodia. The logic of seeing the workers' states as Capitalist is capitulation to Liberal Bourgeois narrative that "Communism is over" and that Trotskyism will remain isolated. I do not see Stalinism as "Communist" and that that Stalinism has to be overthrown for the workers' states to proceed towards Socialism. Some more astute Liberal Bourgeois elements know the objective basis for Leninism-Trotskyism is rotten ripe to take on a mas character and think Conservative Bourgeois elements are politciziing the masses with benefit streets against the cuts and will speed up the masses looking towards Trotskyism due to their right wing frenzy as the genuine alternatvei to what British Capitalism is doing to the masses!.

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