[Marxism] Harper's trip to Israel

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 21 18:12:58 MST 2014

Stephen Harper's trip to Israel hasn't gone as well as he might have hoped.  Today there was this gaffe.

Harper has garnered the support of enthusiastic supporters of Israel, eg. Sarah Palin.

But more important, his trip and his policies have opened up a discussion in Canada.  Not many Canadians knew that the Canadian government had one position on paper (re the settlements) and another for public consumption.  Today many more do know that.
And with Harper's drive to make his party the most pro-Israel party in Canadian history, he has presented the other parties with a dilemma.  Should they join a competition to be the most pro-Israel party or should they concede that to the Conservatives?  But if they don't support Israel as stridently as Harper, they have to explain why.  Their expressions of disagreement will be feeble and not far-reaching, but they do establish that it is legitimate to debate Canada's policies towards Israel.

Within the pro-Israel constituency Harper has done reasonably well.  But a broader section of Canadian society is left pondering a number of questions.

						ken h

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