[Marxism] Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Rise of the Reader | TomDispatch

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 22 04:54:40 MST 2014

In terms of journalism, of expression, of voice, of fine reporting and 
superb writing, of a range of news, thoughts, views, perspectives, and 
opinions about places, worlds, and phenomena that I wouldn’t otherwise 
have known about, there has never been an experimental moment like this. 
  I’m in awe.  Despite everything, despite every malign purpose to which 
the Internet is being put, I consider it a wonder of our age.  Yes, 
perhaps it is the age from hell for traditional reporters (and editors) 
working double-time, online and off, for newspapers that are crumbling, 
but for readers, can there be any doubt that now, not the 1840s or the 
1930s or the 1960s, is the golden age of journalism?

Think of it as the upbeat twin of NSA surveillance.  Just as the NSA can 
reach anyone, so in a different sense can you.  Which also means, if 
you’re a website, anyone can, at least theoretically, find and read you. 
  (And in my experience, I’m often amazed at who can and does!)  And 
you, the reader, have in remarkable profusion the finest writing on the 
planet at your fingertips.  You can read around the world almost without 
limit, follow your favorite writers to the ends of the Earth.


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