[Marxism] What’s going on in the Ukraine? | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 22 07:05:51 MST 2014

On 1/22/14 5:54 AM, Sergii Kutnii wrote:
> Four people have already been killed by riot police during clashes in
> the center of Kyiv.
> Yanukovych is leading the country to civil war.

And if he does, the "anti-imperialists" will back him to the hilt based 
on this knucklehead's comment on Mondoweiss:

Also, Walid, I'm sure you noted the interesting timing with the upbeat 
of violence and fanning of demonstrations in Ukraine. Right before the 
Sochi games. Putin, who doesn't have a single naive sinew in his body, 
must realize what's going on and the seriousness of the unfolding threat 
in Ukraine. The PTBs may be trying a one-two move, what with one front - 
Syria - wobbling - nothing like opening another right in Russia's backyard.

I further note that the demonstrators (among whom a certain neo-nazi 
like right wing party is playing a key role) are enjoying the same "get 
out of jail" card handed out to the Saudi financed Al-Qaeda Jihadists. 
Funny how we hear on our MSM only one side of the story. Any story, really.

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