[Marxism] Jacobin and the Middle East

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 10:23:15 MST 2014

I just read Louis’s piece on Cook and the Ba’athist Left. Great stuff.
Hopefully soon I’ll have some more thoughts on the simultaneous filth
spewing from these neo-Stalinists about the Ukraine and elsewhere.

But in this article Louis mentions again his belief that Jacobin has
published crap on the Middle East. That wasn’t at all my recollection, and
to be sure I went back and checked the contents of all current and past
issues. Here’s what I found.

By Adam Hanieh, always on target:



By Omar Al Shehabi, on Bahrain (p.s. he had a great Historical Materialism
article on the history of the Left in Bahrain, subscriber only):


Superman Conditional, Peter Frase, subscriber only; haven’t read, maybe
this is one of the ones which Louis disliked.

A great take-down of James Petras’s lunacy and conspiracy-mongering, with
fascinating tidbits on Israel’s political economy. Written, ironically, by
Max Ajl; when he’s good he’s great, but when he’s bad he’s awful!


A set of articles on “Palestine and the Left”:

Intro to the set; OK in general, liberal in places:


A great caution on over-reliance on international law and instead the need
to support an anticolonial approach:


Against the US role in the “peace process” by MERIP editor Chris Toensig:



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