[Marxism] Argentina: Left and Workers' Front (FIT) MP rejects own wage raise and decides to earn living wage

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Wed Jan 22 12:24:57 MST 2014

National MP for the Left and the Workers' front (FIT) Nicolás del Caño today rejected the raise in legislative expenses that would increase representatives salaries by 50,000 pesos monthly, starting February 1st. “It’s a provocation. Politicians earn ten times what any worker makes monthly, while inflation has already reduced real wages by 20 % the over the last three months, and the government and bosses try to put a ceiling on the collective bargains in order to consolidate that loss. Such excessive wages for government officials and MPs are meant to make sure they keep on ruling and passing laws against the interests of the workers, in favor of the bosses, bankers and landowners.”  

Del Caño announced that his monthly wage will be 8,500 pesos, and that the rest of his pay is designated to support workers’ and popular struggles, like the 20 thousand pesos he contributed in January to the workers of Lavalle, Mendoza, who won the fight for permanent contracts for more than 300 temporary workers, and to the workers at the electronic firm Liliana SRL in Rosario, who are fighting for a raise in their minimum wage. Similarly, we have contributed from our parliament salary to pay the bus tickets for the oil workers from Las Heras, Santa Cruz, who are trying to spread the fight for their freedom. These workers have been sentenced to life in prison in a flawed trial, for taking part in a fight against the payroll tax in 2006. The balance of these funds is published on the PTS webpage www.pts.org.ar. In addition, Del Caño will bring a bill to the floor for every government official to earn the same as a teacher, and is seeking the support of several different workers’ organization in order to pass the bill. “

Finally, the representative from Mendoza pointed out that “the next battles of the working class will be to recover wages, to fight against the rise in productivity in factories and against lay-offs. Our seat and the funds earned by it will be at the service of these fights.”

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