[Marxism] What Killed Egyptian Democracy? | Boston Review

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 23 05:57:47 MST 2014

Egypt remains burdened by years of mismanagement and ill-considered 
policies that have been destructive of the common good, promoted 
corruption, and enfeebled the state’s non-security functions. Egypt 
cannot have a stable democracy if it does not overcome this legacy. Only 
a government with democratic legitimacy can undertake the inevitably 
painful reforms. Repression of the Muslim Brotherhood—the country’s most 
organized political group and one that, at least in principle, supports 
democratic practices—only puts off the day when Egypt can begin these 
needed reforms. By advocating military intervention in politics and, in 
too many cases, backing a coup against the legitimate government, the 
liberal and radical opposition have for the time being ruined the 
conditions for democracy. If the military-installed regime fails to 
establish political stability, which is a real possibility, Egypt faces 
the prospect of political chaos and even state failure.

This is the price of dogmatism in politics.


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