[Marxism] Syria Op-Ed: Both Assad and ISIS Declared War On The Syrian People, Because Both Want The Same For Themselves | EA WorldView

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 23 06:03:53 MST 2014

Here is what we have:

Both Assad and ISIS launched a war on the Syrian people, because both 
want the same for themselves — that is as much ground on Syrian soil as 
possible, populated by enough fearful Syrian slaves to keep the 
oppressor’s farm business running and prospering.

The ideology (Baathism in the case of Assad, versus a weird so-called 
‘religion’ partly based on a totally messed-up misunderstanding of 
medieval Islam in the case of ISIS) is different, of course — but the 
goals and methods applied are identical.

Both the Assad family and ISIS are mafia gangs, both act as such, and 
both are led by ruthless bosses who don’t give a flying rat’s fart about 
religion or ideology, which they see as just a tool to please and unite 
their followers and foot-soldiers, and a cheap way to gain international 
support from misled private donors and fascist states like Russia or 
Iran (in case of the latter geopolitics play an important role too, 
that’s a different but similarly disgusting topic we won’t go into here).

full: http://eaworldview.com/2014/01/syria-op-ed/

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