[Marxism] UKRAINE: Maidan. Babtism of Blood. | Tahrir-ICN

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 23 14:24:14 MST 2014

Now the majority of the Ukrainian population is against the government. 
The peaceful demonstrations turned, in fact, into a street fighting, the 
protest got out of control of the opposition leaders. Yatseniuk and 
Tyagnybok repudiate violence. The militants are called provocateurs. 
Klichko honestly trying to stand between the ” Berkut ” and the Maidan 
fighters in hopes of stopping the bloodshed. But he did not succeed. The 
Maidan militants consist mainly of activists of so-called “Right Sector 
.” For me it says a lot. On the street, extreme nationalists and 
neo-Nazis rule.  They have an unique opportunity to get a baptism of 
fire and tempered in battles with the police. They set the tone of “the 
revolutionary Maidan .” They are followed by the common people . The 
rightists organize, unite , throw slogans and conduct a strategy. And 
they get support from most citizens who came to Maidan and who, at the 
beginning, wanted “just” to express their dissatisfaction with the 
current government. In the January 19 evening, Maidan split into “the 
legals” and “the illegals”. Into Yatseniuk and Tyagibok running the 
meeting with their supporters properly at the Independence Square 
(Maidan), and the radicals leading the street fighting on the 
Hrushevskoho street.


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