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This is the comment I left on BAR:
Lies, damned lies, and
clayclai - 01/23/2014 - 15:55

One again BAR executive editor Glen Ford proves there are "*Lies*, *damned
lies, and statistics*"

He cites a recent pew research poll on 1,504 adults [how many were black?]
that "shows Blacks are more in favor of NSA
Americans than are whites or Hispanics." because, according to this
43% of Blacks approval of NSA surveillance [down from 60% in June] as
compared 39% of whites and 40% of Hispanics. From this he concludes that
Blacks are more backwards than whites, but the same
46% approval for democratic and 45% approval for college grads, so
while he doesn't mention this, at least blacks are still more progressive
than democrats or those with a college education.

By Glenn Ford's calculus, Republicans (37% approval) are more progressive
than anybody mentioned above, and the Tea Party (27% approval) are the most
progressive group in this line up.

Could it possibly be that its not "Black madness" at work here, so much as
it is white right-wing disapproval for anything Obama does?

Ford made a similar claim, which he repeats here, that a higher rate of
support for an Obama attack on Assad showed that Blacks were less
progressive than whites. Apparently he drew this conclusion because he
feels doing nothing to Assad for murdering thousands with sarin is the more
progressive position.

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