[Marxism] Philippines: 'Forward, bayanihang sosyalismo!' Popularising a socialism 'with local colour'

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Thu Jan 23 22:42:20 MST 2014

Introduction by Reihana Mohideen
January 24, 2014 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal --
The following is the English-language translation of a document on
bayanihan socialism that was presented at the convention of the
Philippines socialist party Partido lakas ng Masa (Party of the Labouring
Masses, PLM) in December.2013.

It is an attempt to project more strongly the socialist character of PLM
and at the same time to popularise the ideas of socialism to a mass
audience in the Philippines. Lessons were drawn from the Latin American
experience, of linking the egalitarian principles of socialism with
national and Indigenous historical experiences and traditions. It also
flows from the understanding that it's no longer enough to struggle around
specific issues, but that there is an urgent need to put forward an
alternative vision or possibility, that is socialism, in a way that the
masses can understand.

Another important question raised in the paper is the restructuring of the
working class, towards contractualisation and the growth of the informal
economy and the urban poor, which is an important area for ongoing
discussion and assessment.

Full document at http://links.org.au/node/3679

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