[Marxism] Deciphering Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala

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NY Times Jan. 24, 2014
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Deciphering the Quenelle


PARIS — Seventeen years ago, the leader of the far-right National Front, 
Jean-Marie Le Pen, deemed the Holocaust a “mere detail in the history of 
the Second World War.” Today, a popular comic known as Dieudonné M’Bala 
M’Bala (his stage name is simply Dieudonné) claims “not to know, between 
the Jews and Germans,” who’s telling the truth — “but I have my own 
little ideas on the subject.” We know what those ideas are: Dieudonné 
invited onstage at one of his shows Robert Faurisson, a “theorist” of 
Holocaust denial, who argues that the extermination of the European Jews 
is a Jewish invention.



Dieudonné welcomes Faurisson on stage:



Robert Faurisson:

It is accurate to say that National Socialist Germany built 
concentration camps; it did so after, and at the same time as, a good 
number of other countries, all of which were convinced that their camps 
would be more humane than prison. Hitler saw in them what Napoléon III 
had thought he saw in the creation of penal colonies: progress for 
humanity. But it is false to hold that Germany ever established 
"extermination camps" (an expression invented by the Allies).

full: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v19/v19n1p-2_Faurisson.html


Diana Johnstone:

When Dieudonné transformed an old semi-racist “tropical” song, Chaud 
Cacao, into Shoah Ananas, the tune is taken up en masse by Dieudonné 
fans. I venture to think that they are not making fun of the real Shoah, 
but rather of the constant reminders of events that are supposed to make 
them feel guilty, insignificant and powerless. Much of this generation 
is sick of hearing about the period 1933-1945, while their own future is 

full: http://www.voltairenet.org/article181663.html


Yann Kindo:

A few words about «where I'm talking from », in order to avoid pointless 
discussions and silly accusations :
I'm French, live in France, I teach history (and geography) and have 
been involved in the trotskyst movement for 25 years. So, this is not 
exactly a contribution from the « establishement ». And, as a trotskyst, 
I oppose nationalism as a solution for the oppressed. This means that, 
just like all the trotskysts I know, I am « anti-zionist » and favor the 
destruction of the state of Israel, because it is by birth a colonial, 
racist and theocratic structure. I can't see any serious long-term 
solution in the Middle-East other than a one state solution in 
Palestine, where people would be equal whatever their religion and 
origins are. And I don't see that happening as long as capitalism and 
imperialism rule [and the Bourgeois State will have to be destroyed 
everywhere on earth anyway...]

Recently, Dieudonné made a comment about a jewish journalist who had 
criticised his new show, and the comment was the following :

"When I hear about Patrick Cohen, I think... the gas chambers, you 
know... too bad.".

Very funny, isn't it ? What do you think, Diana Johnstone ?

Dieudonné has given many interviews, especially on Iranian TV, in which 
it is totally obvious that he is obsessed with the power of the jews 
(who are supposed to be responsible of everything, including african 
slavery). Just like his friend Alain Soral does, he often argues that 
the greatests crooks on the planet are all jewish (you know, Madoff and 
the other ones...).. If you speak French, you can watch this interview 
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eFo4BEP6EY) and understand how crazy 
the guy is, and how when he uses the word « zionists », he uses it 
exactly the same way the nazis were using the word « jews ».


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