[Marxism] Philippines: 'Forward, bayanihang sosyalismo!' Popularising a socialism 'with local colour'

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 08:15:14 MST 2014

This looks really good, and I would encourage comrades to share it widely.

As I believe has come up on this list before, the PLM has been very active
in typhoon relief from a revolutionary framework. (See articles at IV and

I have reservations about their reference to Venezuela et al. as models
(and (somewhat) coincidentally Alexander Buzgalin's latest on the Ukraine
makes the same positive reference), but their concept of socialism as
articulated in this new document would take the Philippines workers'
movement way  beyond Venezuela et al.

Spreading the word about the PLM and its revolutionary ideology and
practice (as well as other revolutionary groups in the Philippines) is also
very important in the US, given that front organizations of the
ultra-Stalinist CPP are still dominant among Filipin@ leftists, including
youth, here -- and they need to see that there is a democratic alternative
to Sison's murderous leadership.


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