[Marxism] Philippines: 'Forward, bayanihang sosyalismo!' Popularising a socialism 'with local colour'

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 13:57:43 MST 2014

"The goal of old socialism is measured on the volume of material production
that keeps abreast with (or aims to surpass) the material production of the
capitalist world. Instead of this, the new socialism is measured by the
social services and gains that it provides to the people, including decent
housing, free health care, free education, free public transport,
electricity, water, food and other people’s needs."

Andy, with all respect to everyone, I think this looks like Utopian
nonsense. You can't have the last part of the sentence without the first
part to provide the material basis for it at all. Their program is a
rejection of scientific socialism with a substitution for a solidarity
economy without production...that is a socialism of poverty. The reality is
that though they give props to Venezuela, it is *nothing* like the "aims"
of Venezuelan or Bolivian "socialism" (since thy don't have socialism I'll
use "aims" or "goals") both forms of radical nationalism there aim at
*increased levels of production* and the raising of the quite material
levels of the standard of living of the masses (all issues of the politics
of all this and the idea of socialism in one country notwithstanding).

Go to the Orinico Valley in Venezuela and tell me if they have the same
'view' of socialism as this one group in the Philippines. I don't think so.


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