[Marxism] Thai capitalism contradicts the Brenner thesis

Anon Anon inprekorr at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 24 14:15:02 MST 2014

It only contradicts the Brenner thesis if you believe the origin of capitalism in Siam/Thailand was "national"...which pretty much contradicts all serious historical work on the subject (I assume that reference [13] in the quote will point to the work of Japanese academic Akira Suehiro, who shows that capitalist development in Thailand could not be understood as a national phenomenon). Ungpakorn's work needs to be located in particular debates in Thailand which he is engaged with on the legacies of the CPT's armed struggle ideology.  Ungpakorn's particular foil is for dependency theory and the Maoist third worldism dominant in leftist thinking in the 1960s-80s in Thailand, which denied the possibility of capitalist development in Thailand and the emergence of a dominant working class (as against an eternal peasant class).

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