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Thanks for posting this Louis.
Very interesting indeed. Demonstrating the dialectics of the chemical and thermodynamic relations at this level. The self-replication diagram given in the article could be taken as a generalised model of the action of enzymes on their substrates in which the enzyme uses a prosthetic group to metabolise the substrate into the products of catalysis and then 'returns' into itself ready to metabolise the next substrate molecule. The whole of the materialist dialectical conception is illustratable in specific form in the the dynamics of catalysis not simply in living but also in non-living systems.
Regarding the main thrust of article on the origins of life, Engels remarks somewhere that it is in the nature of matter - given favourable conditions - to necessarily advance towards life forms. It is not merely a chance product but does not exclude chance within this developmental necessity of life to emerge from complex, self-replicating non-living systems. When we study catalysis in non-living systems, we can observe there the potential for the self-replicating features of life itself.
Enzyme action is, of course, the dynamic basis of the self-replicative character of life involving, simultaneously, interconnected yet opposed creative and destructive metabolic processes (Anabolism and Catabolism)
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