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Sat Jan 25 09:50:05 MST 2014

Correction (before somebody a lot smarter than me does it for me). 
The model in the linked article is actually a system of self replication in which there is a multiplication of the original. In enzyme action, the enzyme itself actually continuously replicates its pre-complex (its pre-enzyme-substrate ligand state) in the process of catalysis but is not replicated as such as multiple copies of itsef. This is controlled genetically by constitutive or inducible feedback systems. So the illustration given is not really appropriate for enzyme action. However, if we identify the incoming grey structure as the substrate and the products (not the red/blue molecules at output) as a different structure (say orange, etc) then the model could then be adapted to illustrate enzyme kinetics.
I hope you get my point. I don't think it contradicts the basic points I was trying to make.

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