[Marxism] Scarlett Johansson and Oxfam

shaun may mnwps at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 25 17:11:35 MST 2014

or I want to have my cake and eat it, thank you.  In my opinion, a thoroughly disingenuous statementin which the cash nexus speaks louder than her words. You disappoint me, Scarlett. And you, with all your thespianic talent, not to refuse to comply with the ruse that "set the bubbles free" Sodastream are only using you as a PR frontage to fatten their profits and augment their capital off the sweat of uncompensated Palestinian labour. At least Oxfam are, in their own sweet, campaigning charitable NGO way, trying to 'make a difference'
Still a fine actress but where is your humanity and conscience this evening? Ezra Pound was a fine poet but where was his when he supported Mussolini's blackshirts? The Palestinians have been robbed of their historic homeland, dispossessed, subject to mass murder and slaughter and subjected to a brutal, dehumanising occupation for more than six decades and you release this insipid drivel as a statement to "clear the air".  At least Shakespeare's dilemma-burdened heroes and heroines had the human courage and decency to make a painful choice. And live with it. Your dilemma was Oxfam/Charity versus Sodastream/Cash. You have effectively chosen the latter if Oxfam stick to and implement their principles. Man cannot serve both 'God' and 'Mammon' at the same time. I hope that you do not end up as a princess of one of the seven princes of Hell. When I watch *Girl with a Pearl Earring* again I will not be watching the same film.
Here's her statement...  

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