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Jack A. Smith jacdon at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 26 12:26:39 MST 2014


Jan. 26, 2014, Issue 198, jacdon at earthlink.net

Contents: http://activistnewsletter.blogspot.com/

The Other Side Of M.L. King

Obama Defends NSA Spying On Americans

Who’s Actually Fighting In Syria?

Poll: Creationism Or Evolution?

The Race Towards Robotic Warfare

85 Richest Equal 3.5 Billion Poor

Home $weet Home

Denial About Catastrophic Risks

Climate's Seven Deadly Sinners

Global Geopolitics In 2014

America’s Secret War In 134 Countries

Ariel Sharon: Serial War Criminal

Illusions Of Nuclear Safety

Books: Racist Dog Whistle Politics

Slogans Define China’s 2014 Path

Much Of U.S. Fleet ‘Pivots’ To Asia

Big Business Subverts Worker Organizations

What NSA Is Capable Of Doing

Film Review: “Her”

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