[Marxism] Thoughts on Dianna Johnstone and Dieudonne

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Sun Jan 26 15:08:39 MST 2014

I think Louis is right about Dieudonne. I would only addthat this French comedian represents a tendency all too common among theunenlightened oppressed: to put a plus wherever the oppressor puts a minus,and vice-versa (in Trotsky’s phrase).  Sincethe holocaust is constantly invoked as a rationale for Zionist crimes againstthe Palestinians, many Palestinians and those who support them are increasinglydrawn to holocaust denial. Since the Zionists equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism,many anti-Zionists are ignorantly accepting the equation, and trafficking inanti-Semitic innuendo. Simply because their attitude is understandable doesn’tmake it acceptable or supportable.
Yet this conroversy inevitably reminds me of another one Iengaged in decades ago. How many times did I hear from left-wing  aplogists for Polish Solidarity the argumentthat the organization’s strident anti-communist, pro-imperialist politics were attributableto the fact that socialism and communism had become identical to Stalinism intheir minds ? True enough. But the apologists—and I suspect there are a few onthis listserve-- then went on to argue Solidarity’s reactionary politics,because understandable, were supportable, or at least insignificant. Was theequation of Stalinism with socialism and communism by the Stalinists any more ajustification for the the anti-communism of Solidarity than the Zionistequation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism is a justification for holocaustdenial and anti-semitism on the part of certain  anti-Zionists today?
Jim Creegan

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