[Marxism] Assad's Holocaust Now! [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT]

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 11:21:08 MST 2014

New from Linux Beach:

      Assad's Holocaust Now! [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT]

> Today we are presenting two new sets of photos from the holocaust
> Bashar al-Assad has created in Syria. One is from a new set of the
> 55,000 photos of 11,000 people tortured and murdered by the Assad
> regime while being held in detection. They are marked Getty Images and
> were published by the Daily Mail
> <http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2544711/Starved-tortured-throttled-The-true-horror-Assads-soldiers-execute-rebel-prisoners-revealed-new-images-released-today.html>
> in the UK. I published the first set of these photos and the story
> behind them here
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/01/is-assad-running-largest-death.html>.
> The second set is of those still living but every day threatened with
> death by the Assad regime's siege of the Palestinian refugee camp in
> Yarmouk, Damascus. They were taken by Sunday Times reporter Hala Jaber
> <http://halajaber.com/> and published on her twitter account
> <https://twitter.com/HalaJaber>.
> This criminal conduct by the Assad regime could not continue without
> the acquiescence of the majority of people on the planet and their
> governments, so ultimately, the blame for these deaths should be put
> not only on Bashar al-Assad but should also be laid at the door steps
> of all those that have done nothing to protest it or stop it and
> thereby answered that age old question /"Am I my brother's keeper?"/
> in the negative.
> Diyala and daughter Halla, /"Get me out of here ... save my daughter."/


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