[Marxism] The Net

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 27 15:47:43 MST 2014

All these people who make a living fretting about the Net don't get it, 
especially Jaron Lanier with his hysteria over "digital Maoism".

I had been exchanging pleasantries today with John P. Davidson, the 
author of the new novel about the Trotsky assassination, when out of the 
blue Clancy Sigal emailed me asking for a good quote on WWI and 
Zimmerwald. Clancy, you may know, wrote the screenplay for the biopic 
about Frida Kahlo that I did not care for very much. When he read it, he 
took that up with me and we've stayed in touch over the years after I 
proffered my apology.

Can you imagine what a job it would be to find the snail mail addresses 
of such people 30 years ago and then to sit down at a typewriter to bang 
out a letter?

These architects of doom and gloom just don't get it.

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