[Marxism] Why Hezbollah will have to leave Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 27 16:07:04 MST 2014

If you pay Dahiyeh a visit today, you will probably feel like you’re in 
a ghost town. Residents now refer to the road to Beirut’s southern 
suburbs as “the road to death.” The once-busy streets, formerly bustling 
with consumers and vendors, are now empty and weary. You can sense panic 
in every corner.

On top of the looming feeling of fear, people in Dahiyeh are losing 
their businesses and livelihoods. Commodities and services are known to 
be cheaper in the suburbs than elsewhere in Beirut, a role that 
constitutes the core of Dahiyeh’s economy. But no one now dares to step 
into Dahiyeh for anything. Even its residents are asked by officials to 
stay home unless for emergencies.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah’s officials have moved from Dahiyeh to safer 
locations, leaving the people to their fate.

To top it all off, Hezbollah internal sources are talking about more 
than 1,000 wounded and 400 dead fighters in Syria, whose bodies have 
been returned to their families without any tangible signs of victory.


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