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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jan 28 09:02:45 MST 2014

A novel with this much going on risks inconsistency, and Padura's 
Trotsky sections are a slog. The result of deep research, these parts 
are overstuffed with names and events, gummed up by impenetrable 
historical context, and too cautious in their portrait of the man 
himself. Trotsky spends pages upon pages fretting over the political 
fate of his followers and enemies, many of whom are, at least for a lay 
American reader, difficult to distinguish. Trotsky, meanwhile, has all 
the liveliness of a textbook subject. His actions are over-explained; 
his emotions are described, not shown; and his predicament is repeated 
ad nauseam. "He didn't have any power, he didn't have millions of 
followers, nor did he have a party," Padura writes late in the book. 
None of this has changed since page 1. We get the point.

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