[Marxism] The revolution in winter — The Arabist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jan 28 10:33:45 MST 2014

It's obvious from voting patterns over the past three years that 
committed revolutionaries are a small minority. Their concentration in 
Cairo, and their lack of experience working inside political parties and 
other such large organizations, make them ineffective in elections. But 
this decentralization and energy, combined with their links to the 
media, does give them considerable power between elections: the ability 
to stage non-stop street protests which, combined with public reaction 
against the inevitable videotaped brutal police response as well as the 
disruption to city traffic and economic activity, have twice created a 
narrative of a beleaguered government, a country facing the abyss. When 
the revolutionaries have acted in concert (if not always in 
collaboration) with other movements, the Islamists in 2011 and former 
members of the National Democratic Party in 2013, that helped to create 
the momentum that convinces the army that it is safer for them to unseat 
the ruler rather than stand aside. Where the revolutionaries failed was 
to think through the ramifications of deploying that power.


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