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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jan 28 14:54:29 MST 2014

Dear friends (and relatives),

Marush and I went to a very enthusiastic book-launching party last night 
for a book I contributed to, and in case you hadn’t heard about it, I 
wanted to let you know about it—and to recommend it.

The book is /IMAGINE: Living in a Socialist USA/.  It has just been
published by HarperCollins.

It’s a book of essays on various aspects of everyday life, and how they
would be transformed for the better if the United States had a socialist 
rather than a capitalist economic system.  I contributed two essays to 
the book: one on how science and technology would be immensely better if 
they weren’t driven by the profit motive and military spending, and a 
concluding chapter on “how to get there from here”—in other words, how 
the transformation to a socialist economy might occur.  Other chapters, 
by more than 30 other contributors, are on such topics as education, 
law, health care, mental health care, the environment, immigration, 
gender relations, and much more.

The point of the book is to join the “national discussion” that has just 
begun in earnest about the problem of economic inequality in our
country, and in the world. Our hope is to educate the people who have
been confused by rightwing claims that President Obama is a socialist.
Anybody who thinks Obama is a socialist doesn’t have a clue as to what
socialism means, and our aim is to counter that absurdity.

Socialism has been demonized in the “national conversation” for quite
some time, but that is beginning to change.  A recent Pew Research
survey indicated that 49% of young people have a “positive reaction” to
socialism as opposed to capitalism.  And there are even harbingers of
change in the electoral arena.  In Seattle last November a socialist
candidate was elected to the City Council, defeating a long-time
Democratic Party incumbent.  That was not a fluke—the candidate’s
socialist politics were well known to the voters.  Today Seattle,
tomorrow the world!

You can order /IMAGINE/ directly from HarperColllins at this website:


Or you can order it from Amazon:


It’s also available in a Kindle edition.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book.  If you read it, I’d like to know
what you think about it.

Cliff Conner

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