[Marxism] three documents from Turkey

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 07:45:29 MST 2014

When the anti-corruption protests broke out a month ago in Turkey I asked
comrades there for articles in English, and they've sent some (as you can
imagine they've been pretty busy :) Links at bottom.

The group which wrote them is that of Sungur Savran, whose articles on Gezi
you may have seen in The Bullet website of Canada's Socialist Project.

In response to my question about the forces involved in the latest
protests, Sungur writes:

"This is belated, but I believe that the crisis is far from coming to an
end, so it would be worth your while to take a look at these...

"The Kemalists, the real hard-core ones, are supporting Erdoğan as against
the fraternity, this in exchange for a promise to release the generals
behind prison bars. (This support is difficult to believe but true!) The
unions, except for those that clearly support Erdoğan, are totally silent.
Unfortunately, the working class in general is quiescent.

"However, we believe that a serious economic crisis is coming and this may
change this state of apathy, if not outright support for Erdoğan."

That last sentence certainly meshes with the news of the last couple weeks
about a possible global economic meltdown (news in which Turkey often
features prominently).





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