[Marxism] 46 Years Ago Today:The Tet Offensive: a turning point in the Vietnam War

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      The Tet Offensive: a turning point in the Vietnam War

> Today is 46th Anniversary of the start of Tet Offensive, one of the
> largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War. Beginning on 30 January
> 1968, Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces launched country wide
> attacks on United States and South Vietnamese forces that completely
> exposed the lie being told to the American people by President Lyndon
> Johnson and his military leadership that the Vietnam War was winding
> down and the US was winning. Instead we awoke to the news that the
> national liberation forces had people everywhere and were carrying out
> what they called the  "General Offensive and Uprising" (/Cuo^.c To^?ng
> tie^'n công và no^?i da^.y/).
> The offensive was the largest mobilization carried out by either side
> in the war to that point, it involved more than 80,000 Vietnamese
> troops fighting to reunited Vietnam and free it from foreign military
> domination for the first time since the French began their military
> conquest in 1859. The offensive took place in more than 100 towns and
> cities, including 36 of the 44 provincial capitals, five of the six
> autonomous cities, 72 of 245 district towns, and the southern capital
> Saigon where they lay siege to the headquarters of the ARVN General
> Staff at Tan Son Nhut Air Base; the Independence Palace, the Long Binh
> Naval Headquarters, the National Radio Station and, most dramatically,
> the huge US embassy in Saigon. The BBC would report
> <http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/january/31/newsid_2648000/2648951.stm>,
> on the second day of the offensive, which would last to 28 March 1968:


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