[Marxism] An Alienated Finkelstein Discusses His Writing, Being Unemployable, And Noam Chomsky – Urban Times

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 31 07:39:54 MST 2014

Q: I think my larger question is whether there’s a role for scholars 
outside of the academy?

A: The issue is earning a living. That’s the problem. There’s no 
movement anymore, there’s no material sustenance if you don’t have 
academia. But there are wonderful people who in my lifetime lived 
outside the academy and made great contributions. Paul Sweezy who left 
Harvard when he was an economist and became the editor of Monthly 
Review. Occasionally he taught an adjunct position but his entire life 
was really outside the academy. Yeah there was a place, now it’s just 
very difficult because what exactly are you going to do in order to 
sustain yourself unless you make good money writing. And there are 
people who can make good money writing but they’re pretty scarce nowadays.

full: http://urbantimes.co/2014/01/norman-finkelstein-interview/

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