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Daniel Lindvall daniel.lindvall at filmint.nu
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"Ironically, Vinterberg’s 1998 “The Celebration”, made under strict Dogme 95 guidelines, dealt with sex abuse issues as well but played as black comedy."

Interestingly "The Celebration" film was based on a "true" story told by the "victim" on Danish radio. A story that the "victim" later admitted was completely invented. 

"The tension between truth and fiction is the stuff of film schools today, as I sadly learned from a survey on documentary films at Columbia University."

Some "left and liberal" critics here in Sweden criticized "The Hunt" for taking the "easy way out" by clearly establishing Lucas innocence. They were also of the opinion that Lucas should have been played, not by a handsome star (Mikkelsen is a star here in Scandinavia) but by someone less good looking, maybe gay, maybe from an ethnic minority… Apart from failing to understand that as a man Lucas already belongs to an exposed minority within this occupation, this shows how uncomfortable people are about saying that someone accused of pedophilia might be innocent or actually IS innocent. When it comes to this particular crime everyone who is in anyway suspected by anyone is guilty even in the eyes of liberals who would be quick to argue presumed innocence for every other crime.

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