[Marxism] Brothers Gotta Work It Out (Was: Sexual Witch Hunts, Here and There)

Jeff Rubard jeffrubard at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 13:25:09 MST 2014

Though I am old enough to remember the credulity of things like Big Black's
"Jordan, Minnesota", young enough to have been puzzled by Daniel
Cohn-Bendit's reminiscences about quasi-sexual horseplay with his young
charges during the late 60s, and critical enough to have been nonplussed by
the bizarre charges brought posthumously against Herbert Aptheker by his
feminist-scholar daughter I don't agree with the tendency of Lou's essay; I
think the left does *not* particularly need to be afraid of an "unfair to
perverts" label. (I don't know how I'd respond if I was given the charge.)
More than a skeptical focus on the possibility that child-abuse charges are
spurious, modern sexual morals require the left to join more closely with
"safety and sanity" advocates in feminism and the queer community; sexual
exploitation is *not* made up as a matter of course and is in fact one of
the most durable commodities on display in the late capitalist world.

For example, as women begin to outpace men in the careers young men are
demonstrably being forced back on some of the vilest misogynist canards as
a way to feel "in control", and the gays saved for a long while by modern
HIV treatment present "problems of living" that socialist theory has not,
to my knowledge, examined particularly fully. The issues involved in making
sure sexual conduct is as free from exploitation and violence as possible
may be somewhat disorienting after a turn to an autonomous politics of
self-definition which was necessary to accommodate Arab democracy, but
Ronald Reagan didn't make rape, prostitution, pregnancy, or STDs up and a
healthy skepticism about "whatever you desire" is what really ought to be
on the agenda. Seriously.

Jeff Rubard

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