[Marxism] Khaled Khalifa reads in London

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Tue Jun 3 11:07:20 MDT 2014

We proudly invite you to attend a

  Talk & Reading by Award-Winning Syrian Novelist

Khaled Khalifa

who comes straight from Damascus to talk about being a novelist in Syria 

The talk will be followed by Q&A

Wednesday June 4th, 2014 @ 5:30 PM

Nissan Lecture Theatre

St. Antony's College

Award-winning Syrian novelist, screenwriter and poet Khaled Khalifa 
comes straight from Damascus to Oxford to talk about being a novelist in 
Syria today; and about his latest novel "No Knives in this City's 
Kitchens" (لا سكاكين في مطابخ هذه المدينة). The novel won the Naguib 
Mahfouz Medal and was shortlisted for the Arab Booker Prize.

No Knives in this City's Kitchens is a profound exploration of the 
mechanics of fear and disintegration over half a century. Through the 
story of one Syrian family, it depicts a society living under tyranny 
with stifled aspirations. The family realise that all their dreams have 
died and turned into rubble, just as the corpse of their mother has 
become waste material they must dispose of in order to continue living. 
Written with shocking perception and exquisite language, from the very 
beginning this novel makes its readers ask fundamental questions and 
shows how regimes can destroy Arab societies, plundering lives and 
wrecking dreams. Khaled Khalifa writes about everything which is taboo 
in Arab life, with a particular focus on Syria. No Knives in this City's 
Kitchens is a novel about grief, fear and the death of humanity.

Khaled Khalifa's previous novels include:
- 1993 Haris al-Khadi'a ("The Guard of Deception")
- 2000 Dafatir al-Qurbat ("The Gypsy Notebooks")
- 2006 Madih al-karahiya (In Praise of Hatred)

This talk will be followed on Thursday 5th June by an evening of reading 
and discussion with Khaled Khalifa at the Albion Beatnik on Walton 
Street. Details below:

An Evening of Reading with Khaled Khalifa

Thursday June 5th, 2014 @ 7:30PM

The Albion Beatnik

34 Walton Street

£2 entry; refreshment available.

KHALED KHALIFA is an award-winning Syrian novelist, screenwriter and 
poet; some of his works were critical of the Baathist rule and had been 
banned by the Syrian government. His fourth novel, No Knives In the 
City’s Kitchens, was published in Cairo in 2013 and was nominated for 
the International Prize for Arabic Fiction this year.

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