[Marxism] Supporting grass-roots movements in Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jun 3 11:07:57 MDT 2014

The following is based on a skype presentation I gave at a panel ‘the 
Syrian Revolution: Grassroots Movements and Media Coverage’ organized by 
the MENA Solidarity Network-US and The Global Campaign for Solidarity 
with the Syrian Revolution, at the Left Forum in New York.

Much of the debate on Syria by people who identify as being ‘leftists’ 
both in the West and the Arab world has been dominated by issues most 
prominent in the media such as a focus on geo-politics, militarization, 
Islamism and sectarianism. It’s ultimately been a very State-centric 
discourse. Conversely there seems to be very limited knowledge or 
discussion about popular struggles or grassroots civil movements in 
Syria. This is strange because the politics of liberation should not be 
grounded in discussions between political leaders and States but 
grounded in the struggles of people for freedom, dignity and social justice.


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