[Marxism] My report on the Left Forum

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jun 3 11:12:23 MDT 2014

Returning on the 57th street crosstown bus to the east side of Manhattan 
on Saturday evening from the Left Forum, held this year for the first 
time at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, I found myself sitting 
on the opposite side of the aisle from two other people who had been at 
the event. One, a man in his mid-seventies with jack-o-lanternish 
missing teeth and a ponytail, was lecturing a somewhat younger woman 
about the evil Left Forum organizers who had chosen this college for the 
event. Didn’t they know that the cops are enemies of the working class? 
What a bunch of hypocritical bastards they were. Every attempt she made 
to stress the good points of the event being held there such as the 
convenient location, he escalated his rhetoric to the point that I began 
worrying that he might bite her ankle. Sizing him up, I was willing to 
bet a hundred dollars that he listened to WBAI at least 12 hours a day.

Growing impatient with his blather, I spoke up. I said that John Jay’s 
faculty was no different than any other CUNY school. Michael Meeropol, 
the Rosenbergs’ son, had been the chair of the economics department. I 
went to hear a lecture by Paul Buhle at John Jay chaired by Meeropol. 
Furthermore, the University of Utah—a place solidly under Mormon 
rule—had an economics department much more to the left than any 
“progressive” college in the USA. Of course, none of this would register 
on the congenitally ultraleft as I long ago figured out. At least it 
gave me the opportunity to ventilate—something that helps keep my 
high-blood pressure down.

full: http://louisproyect.org/2014/06/02/notes-on-the-2014-left-forum/

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