[Marxism] Reminder: The program to honor D.H. Melhem will be this coming Saturday.

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Wed Jun 4 14:07:12 MDT 2014

I hope some members of the Marxmail list will attend the program for D. H. Melhem this Saturday. Her son and daughter will both be at the program. I will paste two poems from Melhem's last book below: 
The poems appeared in D. H. Melhem, Art and Politics / Politics and Art (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2010), pages 59 and 23, respectively. © Syracuse University Press. Reproduced with permission from the publisher. - V.W.


Bombing Blues


       It takes a special pain to sing the blues.

                                    --Raymond R. Patterson,

                                      Elemental Blues


I think there is a massacre going on.

Yes, I think there is a massacre going on.

Small puffs of smoke are veiling

the bombers' harm you've done.


You can't hear any screaming

or any human cry

You can't hear any curse or prayer.

Your plane is up too high.

The terror you're inspiring

will haunt you by and by.

Will shame you by and by.


And we are up there with you

bought your speed and place

among the mighty minions

of violence and disgrace.

Bought your fiery station

in violence and disgrace.


Young people blow themselves up

to make their bodies speak.

Break up into ruddy sparks

to let their bodies speak.

They heard that right is mighty,

saw earth inherit the meek.


Pray to the spirit of Gandhi,

of Martin Luther King.

May all the gods of Mercy

steady each heart to sing

of justice, peace, and wisdom

laboring faith can bring.

Justice, peace, and wisdom

common love can bring.





Polar Icecaps


            I'm holding on to the rail, the ride is so fast.




Yes-let's hold on tightly as we watch

the waters rise from melting polar icecaps

where bears float off on floes abducting them-

mystified, diving toward caverns of the sea.


And at an aftertime we'll wonder, too

(a trifle late) where we should emigrate

and just how far inland, and whether erratic

weather will loose a feral vengeance

like downtown floods we fled to higher ground

uptown, and now once more must flee, abandoning

submerged real estate and soggy towers,

address of sharks and whales and bloated bears

and plankton's avid genes where we began

and might begin again, and then might not.



Saturday, June 7, 2014


3-5pm with Reception to Follow




10 River Terrace, New York, NY 10282





 The life of writer, poet, scholar and political activist D. H. Melhem will

be celebrated at a memorial celebration on June 7, 2014 at Poet's House in

New York City.



 The program will include tributes from writers, poets, performers and

social activists, including Dorothy Friedman August, Vinie Burrows,

Hannelore Hahn , Rashidah Ismaili, Donald Lev, Karen Malpede, Robert Roth,

Susan Sherman, Quincy Troupe, Victor Wallis and Steve Zeitlin.



 The tribute will run from 3-5pm, with a reception following. The public is

invited and there is no charge.



 *About D. H. Melhem*


Beloved New York writer and poet D. H. Melhem, Ph.D., who passed away June

15, 2013, published eight books of poetry spanning four decades. Of her

scholarly works,* Gwendolyn Brooks: Poetry and the Heroic Voice*, was the

first comprehensive study of the renowned American poet. *Heroism in the

New Black Poetry: Introductions and Interviews* focused on six leading

black poets of the 1970s and 1980s, and was honored with an American Book




 In addition, Melhem authored over 70 essays, edited two anthologies, and

wrote* Children of the House Afire*, a musical drama based on her poems

about Manhattan's West Side. Her *Notes on 94th Street *(1972; 1979) was

the first poetry book published in English by an Arab American woman.



 Melhem graduated cum laude with a B.A. from New York University, received

her master's degree in English at City College and her doctoral degree in

English and American literature at the Graduate Center of the City

University of New York. She was a longtime board member of the

International Women's Writing Guild, a member of Pen & Brush, PEN, and many

other organizations. She also served as poetry editor for the journal


& Democracy*. Information at *www.dhmelhem.com <http://www.dhmelhem.com/>*

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