[Marxism] UKRAINE: Against the regime in Kyiv and the junta in the East! AWU-Kyiv statement on the conflict in the Eastern regions | Tahrir-ICN

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jun 5 07:00:09 MDT 2014

Anarchists do not intend to give ground to the nazis and to the 
right-liberal government. It was AWU that organized the radical left 
protest campaign against the “Bat’kivshyna” ruling party.

We are ready to continue the fight against the state, capital and the 
far-right who protect them. But this fight is a hundred times more 
difficult when the state, the church, police structures and fascist 
movements are united into one force. Such is the situation in  Donbass, 
where the “army of Donetsk people’s republic” is headed by Igor 
Strelkov, the Russian undercover man and a great fan of the historical 
Tsarist White Guard movement; where the organizer of the referendum, the 
founder of “Orthodox Donbass” movement, consults with the leader of the 
oldest post-Soviet neo-Nazi movement, legendary Aleksandr Barkashov; 
where activists of Anti-Maidan manifest their solidarity  and respects 
to another icon of European fascists – Aleksandr Dugin; where 
co-chairman  of the “Donetsk people’s republic government” Denis 
Pushilin openly regrets the revolution of 1917 that put end to tsarism 
and calls it a “bloody disaster”. Social slogans did not fit into the 
manifests and official documents of separatists, while there are many 
phrases about the class peace and the interests of the “small business”.

Criminal and fascist junta on the East at present organizes the tortures 
and abductions of trade union activists. Nationalism is the deadly enemy 
of the working people. This is proved by the current events in Ukraine, 
when fascists on both sides help the ruling class to physically fight 
down the working people. The question is – how many victims and 
destructions are needed before Ukrainian proletariat realizes it.


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