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Golden Dawn may also be receiving some assistance from Russia. One of 
the novelties of Golden Dawn's brand of neo-Nazism is its antipathy 
toward Germany and strong links with Russian and Eastern European 
fascist groups. Russia has always been an important player in Greek 
politics due to its interests in the eastern Mediterranean. Many Greeks 
express admiration for the right-wing, nationalist government of Putin 
and his ability to stand up to European capitalists. And, as in Cyprus, 
there seems to be a lot of Russian money flowing into Greece. Russia is 
currently on a charm offensive in Greece, offering investment and aid in 
an obvious attempt to chip away at the EU periphery. A recent editorial 
in Pravda offered to make Greece a "prospering state in one year." 
Golden Dawn has strong connections to the ultra-nationalist group Russky 
Obraz, which in turn has shadowy connections to Russian secret police 
and Putin's political party, United Russia. It is entirely likely, even 
probable, that Russia sees Golden Dawn as an important element in its 
strategy to expand influence in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially in 
light of the threat to its bases in Syria.



SS songs and antisemitism: the week Golden Dawn turned openly Nazi
Supporters of the far-right party gave Hitler salutes and sang the Horst 
Wessel song outside parliament last week. Helena Smith reports from 
Athens on how Golden Dawn has taken on a sinister new tone

         Helena Smith	
         The Observer, Saturday 7 June 2014 16.14 EDT	

It has been a bad week for democracy in Athens. All around this great 
Greek city, the politics of hate now lurk. On Friday I got a taste of it 
in the tiny Italian-style cafe I frequent off Syntagma Square.

It arrived in the form of two middle-aged men, both supporters of the 
neo-fascist Golden Dawn – and, by their own account, the holders of 
university degrees, well-travelled and well-informed. Over espressos, 
they began to engage in an animated discussion about all that is wrong 
with Greece.

The first, a self-described businessman decked out in designer suit, 
brogues and silk tie, blamed the country's economic collapse on 
malfeasance, corruption and uncontrolled immigration. "The only way to 
teach our filthy politicians is to bring in Golden Dawn," he trilled, 
his eyes locked in a fierce glare. "These gentlemen are patriots, proud 
Greek nationalists, and they know how to deal with the scum, the 
foreigners who never pay taxes, who steal our jobs, who have taken over 
our streets."

Dismissing charges that Golden Dawn is a criminal gang masquerading as a 
political group, the second – a self-described government employee – 
said the far right was the best response yet to the great Jewish 
conspiracy of an interconnected banking system that has come with 
globalisation. "Let's not forget all the faggots and the Jews, the 
wankers who control the banks, the foreigners who are behind them, who 
came in and fucked Greece," he insisted. "The criminals who have 
governed us, who have robbed us of our future, of our dreams, need a big 


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