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Might be more significant than first impression.  Student activism may
start over seemingly trivial issues and grow into more importance...

In the early 1960s i went to high school in Logan, Utah where Utah
State University is located.  Several of my high school friends and i
left school one day to join with the college students who were
protesting to have a place INSIDE the "Student Union Building" where
smoking was allowed.  Then students wouldn't have to go outside in
winter weather to smoke.  I learned that after WWII, returning
veterans attending USU on the GI Bill had protested to win the right
to smoke outdoors on campus, at that time smoking was prohibited
anywhere on campus.

Again toward the end of high school i remember joining with college
student friends in a mass protest at the city court that succeeded in
getting the city police to stop ticketing students for overnight
parking on the streets (there was a city ordinance requiring off
street overnight parking in the winter so that streets could be snow
plowed but many students crowded into shared residences had no off
street parking).

In the fall of 1968 when i was briefly a student at USU i helped
organize a protest that succeeded in getting inside access to the one
Union Building room where smoking was allowed.  This one
smoking-allowed room, "The Briar," had been created after the
early-'60s protest but it was segregated with entrance only from
outside the building so that if you were inside the building proper
you had to first go outside to access the smoking room.

By that fall 1968 i was part of a small group of student political
radicals at USU.  The experiences i've mentioned must have been part
of our consciousness that contributed to ignoring Union Building
restrictions on freedom of speech that required getting prior written
permission to table and distribute literature around the building.
The administration eventually tolerated our practice of helping
ourselves to tables from the storage room when we needed them.

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> Ice Cream Riot
> in 1952 on the Yale campus, the police ordered a portable ice cream cart off the campus.  The result was a riot involving 1,500 students that was quelled with hoses and clubs.  The owner of the pushcart was ultimately allowed to return to the campus, and a victory rally was held in his honor.

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