[Marxism] Pre-election deal between FARC and Colombian Government

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 10:43:31 MDT 2014

Another short note regarding Colombia.

One week from today the second and final round of the presidential
elections will be held. Ex-presideent Alvaro Uribe's surrogate candidate
Oscar ivan Zuluaga is facing Uribe's former ally and Defense Minister - and
current president and arch nemesis of Uribe - in the second round. The most
recent polls show Santos with a slight lead, but Colombian polls are
notoriously poor predictors of anything real.

As many people have expected they would, the government and the FARC have
just announced a deal on the next point of the agenda of the peace
negotiations: recognition of victims rights.

You can read the text in Spanish here:


And an article from a more or less independent source here:


The agreement has ten basic points:

1. Recognition of all victims of the conflict
2. Recognition of responsibility without any exchange of impunity
3. Satisfaction of victims rights
4. Participation of victims in discussions about violations of their rights
5. Clarification of the truth about the entire conflict and all of its
6. Reparations to victims for damages suffered
7. Guarantees of protection and security for the lives and personal
integrity of victims.
8. Guarantee that there will be no repetition
9. Principle of reconciliation
10. Focus on rights

In addition the communique outlines two practical measures agreed to:

1. Creation of a technical subcommision composed of members of the two
delegations to begin discussing Point 3 of the original agenda which is an
end to the conflict.

2. To advance discussion of the issue of victims an expert commission
regarding the history of the conflict and its victims will be formed. This
commission will not be a substitute for full clarification of the truth of
the conflict. The parties also requested that the Office of the UN in
Colombia and the Centro de Pensamiento y Seguimiento al Diálogo de Paz de
la Universidad organize three regional forums on these issues.

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