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Is this as good (realatively) as it sounds?

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> Another short note regarding Colombia.
> One week from today the second and final round of the presidential
> elections will be held. Ex-presideent Alvaro Uribe's surrogate candidate
> Oscar ivan Zuluaga is facing Uribe's former ally and Defense Minister - and
> current president and arch nemesis of Uribe - in the second round. The most
> recent polls show Santos with a slight lead, but Colombian polls are
> notoriously poor predictors of anything real.
> As many people have expected they would, the government and the FARC have
> just announced a deal on the next point of the agenda of the peace
> negotiations: recognition of victims rights.
> You can read the text in Spanish here:
> http://www.elpais.com.co/elpais/archivos/ComunicadoConjuntoVictimas.pdf
> And an article from a more or less independent source here:
> http://lasillavacia.com/queridodiario/acuerdo-sobre-victimas-le-tumba-zuluaga-uno-de-sus-principales-argumentos-de-campana
> The agreement has ten basic points:
> 1. Recognition of all victims of the conflict
> 2. Recognition of responsibility without any exchange of impunity
> 3. Satisfaction of victims rights
> 4. Participation of victims in discussions about violations of their rights
> 5. Clarification of the truth about the entire conflict and all of its
> causes
> 6. Reparations to victims for damages suffered
> 7. Guarantees of protection and security for the lives and personal
> integrity of victims.
> 8. Guarantee that there will be no repetition
> 9. Principle of reconciliation
> 10. Focus on rights
> In addition the communique outlines two practical measures agreed to:
> 1. Creation of a technical subcommision composed of members of the two
> delegations to begin discussing Point 3 of the original agenda which is an
> end to the conflict.
> 2. To advance discussion of the issue of victims an expert commission
> regarding the history of the conflict and its victims will be formed. This
> commission will not be a substitute for full clarification of the truth of
> the conflict. The parties also requested that the Office of the UN in
> Colombia and the Centro de Pensamiento y Seguimiento al Diálogo de Paz de
> la Universidad organize three regional forums on these issues.
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