[Marxism] Student activism

Jesse Lemisch jesse.lemisch at verizon.net
Sun Jun 8 13:28:11 MDT 2014

In around 1956, there was what became known at Yale as The St. Patrick's Day 
Riot. It was in many ways a poor issue. A parade went through a street (Elm) 
that passed through the Yale campus. I suspect that the cops saw student 
razzing of the parade as a classs, student vs townies,  and Protestant vs. 
Catholic issue. The cops were quite brutal, pursuing students into dorms and 
running many of us down with their motorcycles. This reminded me of the 
conduct ot the horse-cops otuside Madsion Sq Garden after a Henry Wallace 
rally years before, with my mother shouting at them, "Cossacks.!" Both 
experiences contributed to my radicalism.
Comically, every now and then a cop on a horse greets me as "Professor 
Lemisch" -- former students from John Jay.

Jesse Lemisch 

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