[Marxism] Science can’t tell us everything: Faith, physics and the origin of the universe - Salon.com

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 9 07:00:24 MDT 2014

The urge to know our origins and our place in the cosmos is a defining 
part of our humanity. Creation myths of all ages ask questions not so 
different from those scientists ask today, when they ponder the quantum 
creation of the Universe “out of nothing,” or whether our Universe is 
but one among countless others, all of them exhalations of a timeless 
multiverse. The specifics of the questions and of the answers are, of 
course, entirely different, but not the motivation: to understand where 
we came from and what our cosmic role is, if any. To the authors of 
those myths, ultimate questions of origins were solely answerable 
through invocations of the sacred, as only the timeless could create 
that which exists within time. To those who do not believe that answers 
to such questions remain exclusively within the realm of the sacred, the 
challenge is to scrutinize the reach of our rational explanations of the 
world and examine how far they can go in making sense of reality and, by 
extension, of ultimate questions of origins.


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